Modern Tools for Cutting-Edge Care

Dr. Lisa Miller has invested in state-of-the-art technology to offer a wide range of efficient, effective procedures under one roof. Our tools help her provide patients with exceptional care with minimal discomfort and maximum results. To experience our technology first-hand, schedule a visit with our Foley oral surgeon today by calling us at (251) 320-3205.

Digital Radiography

We don’t rely on uncomfortable, time-consuming film x-rays at our Foley oral facial surgery practice. We use digital x-rays to quickly and comfortably assess your teeth and jaws. Our digital x-rays also expose you to far less radiation than traditional x-rays and let you see your own images in close detail. We can use digital x-rays to detect impacted teeth, monitor your jaw growth and development, and identify a host of other dental issues.

3D Imaging

At Lisa Miller Oral Facial Surgery, we use a high-tech, 3D imaging system to diagnose patients and create the most accurate treatment plans possible. We rely on the CS 9300 Cone Beam CT to obtain crystal clear, digital images, while exposing patients to less radiation. The scan is taken in an open, seated environment in a matter of seconds and it’s sent almost instantly to our screen. We’re able to get an incredible amount of visual information that can’t be matched with a two-dimensional x-ray.

The 3D images lets us see your entire dental and facial structure, including your teeth, bones, sinuses and nerve pathways. Dr. Miller can even measure the density of your jawbone. We can target specific views, enhance the contrast, extract images, and more in order to plan your treatment from every angle. Because of these features, there are no retakes and we can focus specifically on your area of concern, further reducing your radiation exposure.

We can also use the images to walk you through the treatment plan and we can quickly and easily share them with your referring doctor for better collaboration.

Whether you have aesthetic or oral health concerns, we’ve got you covered. Schedule a visit to meet with our Foley oral surgeon.